Ernesto January 9, 2013

[traduction Anne Kawala & Marc Perrin]

That’s not so much the question to feel imprisoned and to find ways to quit this imprisonment. Here it is the necessity to understand how ourselves are the producers of this imprisonment → this imprisonment of which we affirm that we suffer the oppression. Here → it is the necessity to understand : how a liberation won’t come from an action that would allow us to leave, but, liberation : will come by a very simple decision : and the decision → is → to stop → the production of imprisonment. But. Obviously → to stop a production hurts always a little bit. And why that hurts always a little bit ? That hurts always a little bit because to produce gives always a little bit of enjoyment. Even if it is a very little enjoyment that is produced, it’s an enjoyment that is produced. And when an enjoyment is stoped. Even if the enjoyment is tiny tiny tiny tiny, it always hurts a little bit. But. Here. The stop of the imprisonment’s production → will produce the vanishing of oppression → and → the liberation → here → the liberation has not to be produced anymore → and → freedom is not to be conquered →  here → liberation and freedon are efficient → So → we define here freedom as the very simple non-production of the imprisonment. And. we produce → here → we produce the passage from a little enjoyment with its little anguish of death → to something → like a joy → A joy → in relation with something like → a power. Both of them, joy and power, very bright, and light, and wide → Angela & I, we don’t play too much the fool porque we are in learning process, and, but, we wish you a very nice life. Thank you.


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