Ernesto April 8, 2012

[traduction Christine Ménahès & Marc Perrin]

Decision has been taken to leave the flat he’s been living in for eight years. Decision has been taken to leave the flat, followed by a walk towards Nantes train station, where, thanks-to an advance ticket bought two months earlier → prem’s ticket → non changeable ticket → non refoundable ticket → ticket which can nevertheless be sold on → Ernesto → that’s me → Ernesto sits in seat 25, coach 4 of the train reaching Paris Montparnasse two hours later.
In a less realistic version, let’s say : in a whimsical version, and, or, imaginative version, or, and, imaginary version, or may be fanciful version → we would follow Ernesto as he rides his silver horse and we would read his thoughts in a bubble spinning above his wild hair floating in the wind : on this very day I am riding towards the repossession of some of my real estate I own in Paris the administrative capital of France the land where I was born.
Call me Ernesto. I rent a flat 32 rue Felix Thomas in Nantes. I also own a flat, rue des archives in Paris. I am also a rider, a knight, a jungler, a monkey, a hummingbird and a dingo. And → last → or shall we say → first-of-all → I am → the son of an uncertain disunited people to be defined or redefined. I am somewhere between 23 and 44 years old.
Concerning the flat rue des archives, the reason why I want to regain possession of it, is in the decision I took to sell it, and to sell it full price, in perfect harmony with the indecency of the real estate market, as it is. And → to sell it → to buy as soon as possible a house with a garden and happiness guaranteed for life.
Concerning my philosophical leanings : I am all-at-once reading → Survivance des Lucioles → Georges Didi-Huberman → + → The ignorant scoolmaster → Jacques Rancière → + → Spinoza is not yet completely in my heart → because I’m a rather slow guy → but → he’s beginning to really flow through my veins.
Concerning current event-news for the country – France – : five year presidential campain going on → who really cares ? → in the dephts of his soul → what → does → the soul → have to do with that moment→ when the immediate urgency is to produce a livable reality → media-politics → have never produced-but the unhappiness of those who endured with them → media → politics → produce the actual misfortune of the whole society → that is → to say → it is society as a whole that endures. So. If nothing manages to represent what we would have wished to be represented : 1. representation may be considered as non responsible and therefore : it is useless going on producing it ; 2. are responsible those who have to answer for the present situation ; 3. are responsible those who care to act in the present situation ; 4. are responsible those who do not act in the present situation. As for me, I am in depression as I have been every spring since 1968, relax, I’m kidding. A such, I come to you as a small but perfect object of study, representative of this time. Call me Ernesto.


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